Why Kids Should Have Phones In School

Kids should have phones in school. First, if something happens they could call their parents to come and pick them up. Next, if they get expelled or suspended they could call but I don’t think a lot of people get suspended. The only people suspended are kids who do really bad stuff like say bad words at teachers or anyone and bully people. Then, the kids might need it to help them with math or something if their teacher says that they can use them. Finally, if one of the kids get hurt or something the teachers can call their parents to come take them to the hospital or follow the ambulance.  That is why kids should bring cell phones to school.      

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My Weird Cat

Once my friends and I were playing outside on my neighbors trampoline just bouncing around doing flips and gymnastics having a good/awesome time. All of a sudden we heard my cat meowing in the bathroom. We zoomed in my house and we said to my Dad, “How did Sunshine get in the bathroom?”He said, ” I don’t know.”

I went in the bathroom and there was toilet paper everywhere! It was all cluttered! So I screamed, “Dad! Dad! When Sunshine was in the bathroom she was playing with the toilet paper. It is everywhere.”

When my friends left I was helpful and I picked all of the toilet paper up. That is my weird cat.

Anaya’s Quote About Happiness

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own action.”
-Dalai Lama

I chose this quote because it is true. Happiness really isn’t ready made it depends on your actions and how you act to other people. Here is an example… treat them with respect and kindness so they can do the same to you and then you will live with happiness.

The Dalai Lama is a spiritual leader from Tibet.


My Favorite Subject To Do In School.

My favorite subject in school is art. because you can learn how to draw awesome things that you have probably never thought of before. Like a couple months ago my whole class got to make clay houses in art but mine came out kind of horrible but I guess my body was just not ready for it this year. Hopefully I will do better next year! Also I think I will because i’ve been practicing a lot this year so wish me good luck in art on Wednesday.

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A place I love

A place I love is sky zone because it is an all trampoline park and you can play dodge ball and bounce of the wall because everything is made out of o trampolines. And I have went there a lot of times for my birthday it is awesome you should convince your family to go on a special occasion or even just for fun. But only if your parents allow you on trampolines. My parents don’t anymore because me and my sister were there on a trampoline and I told her to stop jumping because I fell and she would not stop so I thought I could just get up and so when I got up I hurt my back really bad so my sister had to go and sit down for a couple of minutes and we could never get on a trampoline again but I really wish we could because I love them. Also my back is so much better that is a good thing. So maybe if I ask my Dad I can go on a trampoline and go to sky zone again for my birthdays I hope he says yes but me and my sister might have to go on different trampolines this time. I hope I can go wish me good luck  please!



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How To Make A Funny Person!

First, You draw an oval eye and then draw a backwards c on it.

Second, Draw a skinny oval nose right under the eyes.

Third, Draw little dots in the eyes.

Fourth, Draw a mouth but put a little space between the nose and mouth.

Fifth, Draw big teeth in the mouth. Sixth draw eyelashes on top of the eyes.

Finally,For the last little touch on the side of the mouth put little smilie mouths and then you are done.

If you did it right you should have and funny person.photo(399)photo(400)

What do you like to draw?

How I learned how to ride a bike

When I was learning how to ride a bike it was hard at first. But then I got the hang of it because my dad held on to the seat so I could balance. Then without me knowing he let go of the seat and  I was still riding.  I was so excited that I threw my bike in the grass and ran into my house and screamed, ¨Mom! Mom! Dad let go of the seat on my bike and I was still riding!”

She said great job because I was only four years old and there were no training wheels. That’s how I learned how to ride a bike.

learning to ride a bike


How did you learn how to ride a bike?