Why Kids Should Have Phones In School

Kids should have phones in school. First, if something happens they could call their parents to come and pick them up. Next, if they get expelled or suspended they could call but I don’t think a lot of people get suspended. The only people suspended are kids who do really bad stuff like say bad words at teachers or anyone and bully people. Then, the kids might need it to help them with math or something if their teacher says that they can use them. Finally, if one of the kids get hurt or something the teachers can call their parents to come take them to the hospital or follow the ambulance.  That is why kids should bring cell phones to school.      

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One thought on “Why Kids Should Have Phones In School

  1. Dear Anaya,

    I think you raise some good points here! Cell phones are always helpful if there is an emergency, of course. Also, we connect to the internet every day using iPads and chromebooks. Why couldn’t students use a cell phone as well? I know that in the high school my son sometimes uses cell phones in his classes.

    We might get to the point when we are also using them in third grade soon!

    You did a great job stating your topic, giving reasons to support your topic, and then ending with a good conclusion. Also good use of transition words!

    Mrs. Essenburg

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